Our Services


We at Destiny Carry Pros have been offering our services since the early days of Destiny 1. Starting off by helping people go flawless in Trials, we learned that some people just didn’t have enough available time, or didn’t have a good enough team to acquire the gear they wanted. We began offering our services on eBay and quickly became the #1 Destiny service provider while maintaining a 100% positive feedback rating over thousands of orders. Utilizing and building upon our same network of trusted individuals, we created Destiny Carry Pros.


We believe in transparency. Too often people promise you something great and you end up with less than expected. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to maintain your trust and business. We do not overpromise and under deliver.

Our team consists of the best players in the world. Through years of building the Destiny Carry Pros network, we have the best of the best. Above all else, everyone that works with us is trustworthy and has been running professional gaming services for years. Our reputation is entrusted to the individuals we choose, so we choose those individuals carefully.

All services with Destiny Carry Pros are completed 100% legitimately without the use of cheats, hacks, glitches, or DDOS attacks. Most Destiny service sites outsource their orders to 3rd party contractors or young kids for cheap pay. There is no way for them to guarantee that nefarious actions are not taking place on your account and this can result in an account ban.


We do everything we can do to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. You will get the service you ordered in a timely manner or your money back.