Crucible Milestone


Destiny 2’s Milestones are an essential part of leveling your Guardian above Power Level 260; something that’s required if you are going to enjoy the very best end-game content and where the very best equipment awaits you. How do Milestones work?

Although there are Daily Challenges, the bulk of your efforts will be spent completing the Weekly Milestones. These challenges spread across a wide variety of activities and touch on just about every bit of end-game content available.

Once you’ve reached the end-game, these Weekly Milestones will be one of the main reasons you’ll be logging in. Completing the Milestones rewards you with loot that can elevate your Power Level dramatically. It’s an addictive process grinding them all to 100% and cracking open a horde of special Luminous Engrams.

This Crucible bundle will complete all of the Milestones needed to unlock Trials of the Nine and a Powerful Gear Engram.

This bundle includes the following:

  • 2 Competitive Matches
  • 2 Quickplay Matches

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