Pit of Heresy Dungeon


Pit of Heresy
Dungeon Completion

Conquering this Dungeon to collect the moon armor sets, weapon set, and more!

To unlock this dungeon you first need to complete the quest The Deepening Wake that can be obtained from Eris Morn. The Pit of Heresy has a recommended power level of 940 and is full of puzzles and a difficult boss encounter. You will get rewarded with Pinnacle gear for completing this dungeon!


•All rewards are random, not guaranteed to drop, but unique to this activity.
• Rewards drop at a higher power level.
• Upon the first completion, you will earn the Sanguine Static emblem.

Loud Lullaby

Hand Cannon

One Small Step



Sniper Rifle

Arc Logic

Auto Rifle

Dream Breaker

Fusion Rifle

A Fine Memorial

Machine Gun

Love and Death

Grenade Launcher

Every Waking Moment

Sub-Machine Gun


Pulse Rifle

Hunter Armor Set

Titan Armor Set

Warlock Armor Set

Solo Completion

Unlocks the Usurper Triumph.

Solo Flawless Completion

Unlocks the Savior of the Deep Triumph and rewards the Crimson Echoes Emblem.
[Console Requirements]: Must have a Mountaintop, Anarchy, or a masterworked Izanagi’s Catalyst. One of these weapons is required to stagger the boss.



Let us help you with this challenging dungeon. We are armed with the knowledge/skill to obtain all possible loot.


• Must be at least 935 Power Level for basic Unlocks and Completions.
• Must be at least 960 Power Level for Flawless Completions.
• Must own the Shadowkeep DLC on desired platform.
• Must have Mountaintop, Anarchy, OR masterworked Izanagi’s Catalyst for Solo Flawless Completion on XB1 or PS4.


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