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Glory Rank Boosting

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Get the gear you want with Destiny Carry Pros Glory Rank Boosting! This glory ranking system came to Destiny 2 with the release of ‘Warmind‘ DLC. The system starts every player at the ‘Guardian‘ Rank, and so begins the journey to the final rank, ‘Legend‘.

The Destiny 2 Crucible Glory Ranks are:

• Guardian (0-199)
• Brave (200-1049)
• Heroic (1050-2099)
• Fabled (2100-3499)
• Mythic (3500-5399)
• Legend (5400-5500)

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The Powerful Rewards don’t come easily, however. The Competitive Playlist is notorious for tryhards. As your Rank increases, so does the skill level of your matchmade opponents. Be ready for an intense firefight as you approach the ‘Legend’ Rank or 5500 points. Luckily, our team has proven themselves capable of the challenge, and we are ready to help you do the same!

For each new rank earned, players receive a powerful reward package that can include masterwork cores, engrams, and tokens. Players who reach Legend Rank can opt to ‘prestige‘ reset their Rank in the progression system to earn even more rewards. It’s worth noting that players will have to hit the Fabled and/or Legend rank in order to unlock each season’s unique weapon(s). Season 4’s Pinnacle Weapons are the Luna’s Howl (Fabled Rank) and the Not Forgotten (Legend Rank). Both of these weapons boast some of the fastest times to kill in Destiny 2, in regard to the primary weapon slot. Get the gear you want with Destiny Carry Pros Glory Rank Boosting!

How To Order

1. Select your ‘Platform’ and ‘Character’.

2. Select ‘Recovery (We Play For You)’ or ‘Carry (Play With Our Team)’

3. Select your ‘Current Rank’.

4. Select your ideal boost. You may choose any quantity of 100 points boosts for custom orders. Or, you may select one of our preset boost options.

You will need to choose between 1 of 4 of our categories. Where do your points fall upon starting this service?

• ‘0-1049 (Guardian-Brave)
• ‘1050-3499 (Heroic-Fabled)
• ‘3500-4500 (Mythic)
• ‘4500-5500 (Mythic-Legend)

Selecting your ‘Current Rank‘ will determine the price we charge per 100 points. This is because of the skill level of the opponents increases as your Rank increases. Therefore, it will require much more effort and teamwork getting you to the highest Ranks.

Ex. 1: If Guardian A needs 600 points, he/she will need to order 6x 100 Point Boosts totaling 600.
Ex. 2: If Guardian B needs 1900 Points to get to Fabled, he/she will need to order 19x 100 Points boosts totaling 1900.

If you are just looking for a
• ‘0->2100 Fabled Glory Rank Boost‘ or
• ‘0->3500 Mythic Glory Rank Boost or
• ‘0->5500 Legend Glory Rank Boost
we also offer that option above for discounted prices.

• Must have the Competitive Playlist unlocked.
• Must own the Forsaken DLC & Annual Pass.


If you need assistance meeting these requirements please contact us.
Orders that do not meet the above requirements may be refunded or take longer to fulfill*

Recovery (We Play For You)

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We will contact you via text/email before we begin your order and again once it’s complete.

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