Heroic Public Events


In Destiny 2, public events spawn in the overworld areas of Earth, Titan, Nessus, and Io, inviting any Guardians nearby to join a tough fight. If anyone involved completes a specific action, though, these become Heroic Public Events. These are much harder fights with much better rewards. It’s kind of hard to define what better means here, but generally speaking, you’ll receive higher level, higher damage weapons, better armor and more glimmer than usual.

With this service, we will complete 10 or 20 Public Events for the Guardian of your choice. Using the highest-level equipment on your guardian to maximize light level rewards, we will farm treasure chests, high profile targets, and planet specific materials along the way. Completion of 20 Heroic Public Events comes with a guarantee of 20 redeemable tokens, 10,000 glimmer, and 20 rare armor/weapons.

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