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The Iron Banner is a limited time PvP event, and the rewards you obtain from the event are exclusive to the current season of Destiny 2. Once the current season comes to a close, the items obtained from Iron Banner will no longer be available.

DCP will play in the Iron Banner playlist and acquire the tokens that you can use to purchase these packages. Any excess tokens acquired will be left on your character.

  • 1 Iron Banner Package = 20 Iron Banner tokens
  • We will leave the packages for you to collect unless asked otherwise.

If you have any questions, please contact our live support by clicking on the bottom right of the page or by sending us an email through our contact page.

Full Armor Set Quest

To acquire the new Iron Banner Armor Set you need to complete the Quest “Test of Strength” from Lord Saladin. This is a long and tough quest and for each step that is completed you will receive one of the armor pieces as a powerful reward, and unlock that piece as a random drop from Bounties and Rankups.

Test of Strength

Step 1As a team, earn 600 points by Defeating enemy Guardians in Iron Banner
Step 2As a team, earn 200 points by Capturing Zones and earning Power Plays
Step 3As a team, earn 200 Super Final Blows, 150 Grenade Final Blows and 100 Melee Final Blows by defeating Guardians in the Iron Banner
Step 4As a team, earn 160 Auto Rifle, 160 Fusion Rifle, 40 Sword, 50 Sniper Rifle and 160 Scout Rifle Final Blows by Defeating Enemies in Iron Banner
Step 5Earn 50 points by completing Iron Banner matches

Season 7: Iron Truage Triumph

To unlock the new Iron Banner Shaders and Sparrow you need to complete the Iron Truage Triumph.

How to complete the Triumph?

Must collect the Full Iron Truage Armor Set and have it equipped while you:
– Complete 5 Iron Banner Matches
– Defeat 50 Opponents



For our Rank Up service we will obtain the amount of tokens needed for the amount of ranks that you select. You need 20 Iron Banner Tokens to turn in for one Legendary Iron Engram which rewards legendary weapon or armor.

  • 1 Rank Up is 20 Iron Banner Tokens
  • 5 Rank Ups is 100 Iron Banner Tokens
  • 10 Rank Ups is 200 Iron Banner Tokens

We will utilize the weekly Iron Banner bounties for tokens when performing this service. All drops will be recorded and sent to you on order completion.


For our Bounty Completion service we will complete all 7 Weekly Bounties that Lord Saladin offers. For each bounty you will receive a powerful reward and 25 Iron Banner tokens to turn in for Legendary Iron Engrams.

For a list of all the weapons and armor rewards available check below.

We will not open the bounties unless otherwise specified.

We are playing for you:

Leave your information in the checkout page and we will contact you via text or email before we begin your order and again once it’s complete.

*Orders that do not meet the above requirements will take longer to fulfill.

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