Leviathan’s Breath


Leviathan’s Breath
Exotic Combat Bow

“Cast a Shadow over the wilds of this universe. Return with glorious trophies.” —Emperor Calus


As Shadowkeep’s newest Exotic Combat Bow, Leviathan’s Breath has high expectations. Leviathan’s Breath deals VOID damage, uses HEAVY ammo, and can be equipped in the Power Weapon Slot.

Weapon Traits

Leviathan’s Breath has STAGGER properties
Weapons with Stagger capabilities are strong against Unstoppable Champions.

Weapon Questline

Make Bows, Not War

Speak to Banshee to obtain the quest ‘Make Bows, Not War’. Following this questline to completion will earn you the Leviathan’s Breath Exotic Bow.

The Back Way

Locate the hidden entrance to Banshee’s workshop and find the bow.

Where Are The Keys, Sir

Go complain to Banshee that the weapon is locked in its case.

Intro To Safecracking 101

Feed the Seed data by completing Gambit Matches or Vanguard Strikes.

Advanced Safecracking 201

Use a bow to land precision final blows against Vex or Cabal.

Economics of War

Complete a special version of the strike “The Arms Dealer” on Earth.

If you would like assistance completing this questline, our team is ready to help!

• Must be 900 Power Level.
• Must own Shadowkeep DLC & Season Pass.
• Must have completed the Shadowkeep Campaign.


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