Luna’s Howl


Luna’s Howl
Pinnacle Hand Cannon Questline

“Guardians never die. But we don’t forget those who do.” —Lord Shaxx

Luna’s Howl is one of the fastest time to kill weapons in Destiny 2 because of its exclusive perk, Magnificient Howl. This hyper-deadly Hand Cannon deals SOLAR damage, uses PRIMARY ammo and can be equipped in the Energy Weapon slot.

Luna's Howl HD Image Full Questline Destiny 2 Magnificent Howl Pinnacle Crucible Hand Cannon Energy Weapon

Weapon Traits

Luna's Howl Stats Aim Assistance Full Questline Destiny 2 Magnificent Howl Pinnacle Weapon Crucible Hand Cannon Energy Weapon


Lord Shaxx in the Tower will give you access to the Luna’s Howl quest. This can be found in the ‘Pursuits‘ section of his wares. You will need to complete several challenging tasks in the survival playlist to acquire Luna’s Howl.

Shock and Denial: Complete 10 Matches in the Survival Playlist.
Pain and Guilt: Get 150 Hand Cannon Kills in Survival.
Anger and Bargaining: Get 200 Solar Kills in Survival.
Depression and Loneliness: Complete 3 Rumble Matches.
The Upward Turn: 100 Hand Cannon Headshots in Survival.
Reconstruction: Reach Fabled Glory Rank in Survival (2100 Points).

*Unlocks Luna’s Howl*



We offer each step individually and the full questline. The ‘Full Questline‘ service usually takes around 3-7 days to complete. If you only need a 0->2100 Glory Point Fabled Rank Boost, that option is available above. We also offer Crucible Glory Rank Boosting in 100 Point increments – and you may then increase the quantity.

This phenomenal weapon is a must-have for any competitive arsenal.
Looking for the older brother of the Luna’s Howl; the Not Forgotten?

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• Must have access to the Competitive / Survival Playlist.

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