MIDA Multi-Tool


If you played the original Destiny, you’re probably familiar with the MIDA Multi-Tool. In Destiny 2, the MIDA Multi-Tool returns with the same power and perks from the first game. For those unaware, the Destiny 2 MIDA Multi-Tool is an Exotic Scout Rifle that allows your radar to stay on screen while using ADS (Aim Down Sight). Also, it increases your movement speed and will even raise your power when you pair it with the Legendary Submachine Gun.

We will complete The Enhance Questline in the EDZ and acquire the MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle and MIDA Mini-Tool SMG. This service will complete the following along with obtaining the respective rewards:

  • Complete ‘The Enhance’ Questline unlocking the MIDA Mini-Tool SMG
  • Obtain the ‘Sight, Shoot, Repeat’ Quest from Banshee-44
  • Obtain and/or decrypt 5 Scout Rifles to dismantle if necessary.
  • Receive the MIDA Multi-Tool upon completion!

Once the Quest is complete, you’ll have all of the rewards from the pre-requisites along with the MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle and MIDA Mini-Tool SMG.

Please note: For this service to be completed, you must have finished the campaign and reached Level 20. If you need some help leveling up, we recommend our Campaign Completion Service.

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