Moments Of Triumph 2019


Moments of Triumph
Limited-Time Event

The Moments of Triumph 2nd annual event was launched on July 9th, 2019 and finishes on September 17th, 2019. Complete Triumphs, unlock rewards and the title “MMXIX“.

Moments of Triumph Destiny 2 Year 1 Title

This will give the collectors, perfectionists, and hardcore players more than enough time to grab all the loot, rewards, and prestige available.


• Completing 1 Moment of Triumph [MoT] earns the MoT 2019 Emblem.
• Completing 5 Moments of Triumphs earns the MoT 2019 Sparrow.
• Completing 10 Moments of Triumphs earn the MoT 2019 Ship.
• Completing 15 Moments of Triumphs and the MoT T-shirt offer becomes available.
• Completing ALL Moments of Triumphs unlock the MoT 2019 Seal and Title.



Nothing Left to Say‘ – Complete the ‘Nothing Left to Say‘ Mission. [This is the final mission of the Forsaken Campaign.]


Forges Afield‘ – Forge 10 Black Armory weapons from Black Armory or research frames. This can be completed through – [Gofannon’s Forge] • [Volundr’s Forge] [Must have unlocked a black armory forge and have access to a weapon frame.]


Prime Fashion‘ – Win a Gambit Prime match with a full set of ‘Notorious‘ (Tier 3) Gear. [Notorious Gear is acquired from Tier 3 Reckoning. Must own a Full Set of Notorious Gear for the character selected.]


Bedazzled‘ – Fully Upgrade the Chalice of Opulence. [You may use our Menagerie service for this.]


Exotic Arsenal‘ – Obtain Bad Juju, Outbreak Perfected, and Whisper of the Worm. [We have the specific services for these exotics]


The Vault‘ – Amass Gear in your Collections. [1000 Total Weapons, Armor, and Miscellaneous Items. Any service we offer will earn you gear]


Gun For Hire‘ – Complete 50 Bounties throughout the Solar System. [Not Retroactive]


Challenger‘ – Complete 10 Weekly Challenges throughout the Solar System. [Not Retroactive]


• ‘For the Vanguard‘ – Complete 25 Strikes in any Vanguard Playlist. [Not Retroactive]


• ‘Vanguard Pinnacle Arsenal‘ – Earn a Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon from any Season. Earn any one of these – [Wendigo-GL3] • [Loaded Question] • [Oxygen SR3]


• ‘Legendary Valor‘ – Reach ‘Legend‘ in Valor Rank in any Season.


• ‘Crucible Pinnacle Arsenal‘ – Earn a Crucible Pinnacle Weapon from any Season. Earn any one of these – [Mountaintop] • [Recluse] • [Luna’s Howl] [Not Forgotten]• [Revoker] • [Redrix’s Broadsword]


• ‘MythicReach ‘Mythic’ Rank in Gambit. [Must have access to Gambit or Gambit Prime Playlist(s).


• ‘Gambit Pinnacle Arsenal‘ – Earn A Gambit Pinnacle Weapon from any Season. Earn any one of these – [Hush] • [Breakneck] • [21% Delirium]


• ‘Never AgainComplete the Shattered Throne dungeon.


• ‘O, Murderer Mine‘ – Complete the Last Wish Raid.


• ‘Valiant Savior‘ – Complete the Scourge of the Past Raid.


• ‘In The Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow‘ – Complete the Crown Of Sorrow Raid.


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• Must have the Forsaken DLC & Annual Pass.
• Must meet the specific Triumph requirements.


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