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Checkpoint Completion Service

Riven of a Thousand Voices is the final boss encounter of the Last Wish raid and is probably the most difficult and complex raid encounter in the entire history of Destiny. Our highly skilled PvE team will complete the Riven encounter for you collecting the loot and rewards provided. Having a Riven Checkpoint helps but is not necessary.

Riven Last Wish Final Boss Encounter Destiny 2 Raid Checkpoint 1 Thousand Voices

This service also includes the completion of the Queenswalk encounter which is necessary to open the final raid chest. Drops will include Powerful Gear rewards at a higher power level and the final chest has a chance of dropping the exotic fusion rifle One Thousand Voices.


Riven Last Wish Final Boss Encounter Destiny 2 Raid Checkpoint 1 Thousand Voices


Weekly Raid ChallengeCheck in with us is chat to see if the Riven Checkpoint is available this week.

The weekly raid challenge can be completed if the option is selected. It unlocks a Triumph required for the Rivensbane title if you have obtained the Clan raid bounty from Suraya Hawthorne. This bounty will give a Powerful Reward from the raid loot pool.

If you cannot obtain the weekly bounty from Hawthorne there will be no record of challenge completion and the triumph will not be awarded.

Each challenge can only be completed once per character every reset.

**YOU MUST BE IN A RANK 4 CLAN and have the Weekly Raid Challenge bounty (or have it available for us to collect) in order to get rewards from the Weekly Raid Challenge.**

The Challenge for Riven is called “Strength of Memory, Riven“. This is in a rotation and it is not featured every week.

Our team can open additional chests upon completion of the raid if you have the additional ethereal keys to do so.


You must specify in the Order Notes during checkout that you want us to use your additional ethereal keys otherwise, they will not be used.

Want a full Last Wish raid completion? We offer that service here.
Last Wish raid Completion


• Must be at least 540 Power Level.
• Must have the Forsaken DLC & Annual Pass.
• Must have access to the Last Wish Raid.
• You DO NOT need a Riven Checkpoint for this service.


If you need assistance meeting these requirements please contact us.
Orders that do not meet these requirements may be refunded or may take longer to fulfill*

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