Scourge of the Past


Scourge of the Past

Raid Completion

Black Armory’s Scourge of the Past Raid takes place in
a new setting and tells its very own story.

Raids are one of the toughest PvE challenges in Destiny which require
high levels of skill and game knowledge along with a
fireteam who works together.

It has a recommended power level of 640 but we will complete
it FOR you or WITH you if you are at the minimum Power Level of 630.

The Scourge of the Past Raid’s setting is in the Earth’s Last City
– a new location ready to be explored and plundered!

Defeat Insurrection Prime to claim your
right to prestigious loot and glory!

Weekly Raid ChallengeThis week’s challenge is ‘All For One, One For All.

The weekly raid challenge can be completed if the option is selected. It unlocks a Triumph required for the ‘Blacksmith’ title, only if you have obtained the Clan raid bounty from Suraya Hawthorne. This bounty will give a Powerful Reward from the raid loot pool.

If you cannot obtain the weekly bounty from Hawthorne there will be no record of challenge completion and the triumph will not be awarded.

Each challenge can only be completed ONCE per character every reset.

The Weekly Challenge is on a rotation between these Challenges
– ‘Hold the Line‘, ‘All For One, One For All‘, and ‘To Each Their Own.

**You MUST grab the Weekly Raid Challenge bounty from Hawthorne in order to get rewards from the Weekly Raid Challenge.**


All rewards are completely RNG and not guaranteed.

Boss drops will reward Powerful raid rewards at a higher level.

No Feelings

Tempered Dynamo

Threat Level

Bellowing Giant


Hunter Armor Set

Titan Armor Set

Warlock Armor Set

Always on Time Exotic Sparrow

Midnight Smith Legendary Shader

Recovered Memories Emblem


Our team is battle-tested and ready to assist in any raid
encounters you wish.  Raid completions are one of the best ways to
acquire high-level loot to give your Guardian a competitive edge.

• Must be at least 630 Power Level.
• Must have the Forsaken DLC & Annual Pass.


If you need assistance meeting these requirements please contact us.
Orders that do not meet the above requirements may be refunded or take longer to fulfill*

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