Solstice of Heroes


Solstice of Heroes

Limited-Time Event

Solstice of Heroes [SoH] is an annual event filled with the most aesthetically-pleasing armor sets known to the Destiny Universe. 2019’s SoH will be the 2nd time this event has graced us. If you obtain a fully masterworked Majestic Armor Set before August 27th, it will become your first 2.0 Armor Set when the 2.0 Update releases with the Shadowkeep DLC in October 2019.

After acquiring a full uncommon SoH armor set. Players must then upgrade the basic ‘Drained‘ Uncommon Armor to the ‘Renewed‘ Rare Armor Set. After this halfway point, the last two upgrades are to gather the ‘Majestic‘ Legendary Armor and then masterwork all its pieces. In total there are 4 degrees of this prestigious limited edition set. Every armor piece comes with challenges required to ‘upgrade’ it. The challenges get progressively harder as you approach a masterworked set.

With a beautiful golden hue, this armor stands a peg above the rest in its glory. You can even add elemental glows. [It just keeps getting better.]

Two new triumphs have been released for this event. To complete the two Solstice of Heroes Triumphs you must earn a full set of Legendary Majestic Armor, and then masterwork at least one of those pieces. If you want the Title ‘MMXIX’ [2019] in Roman Numerals this must be completed.

European Aerial Zone

A new 3-player challenge has been launched! The European Aerial Zone is a fresh activity where you can kill mini-bosses and open Solstice chests for loot, materials, and additional armor. To open these chests one needs to acquire Solstice fragments. These fragments can be earned by completing any activity during SoH. Only after you have earned the Majestic Armor set, you can receive additional armor pieces from these chests. That way you can grind for that armor perk combination that you desire.

Voidstreak Sparrow

Collect a full Majestic Legendary set on all 3 classes [Hunter, Titan, and Warlock] and you will be rewarded with the EV-37 Voidstreak sparrow!


Our team is more than happy to assist you in completing these sets before they’re gone!

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