The Blind Well Activity Completion


The Blind Well is a new activity introduced with Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion. It is very similar to Escalation Protocol and the Court of Oryx. The Blind Well offers several different tiers of difficulty with each sequential tier offering greater rewards. The most notable rewards include: Dark Fragments, Legendary Gear, and a Seed of Light.



  • You must have access to the Blind Well and be 500+ Power Level
  • You must have the Charge of Light required to complete the tier ordered (Tier I, Tier II, Tier III)
  • For the Gateway Between Worlds quest step, you are not required to have any offerings for the Blind Well but you must have the bounty
  • For the Tier III + Unstable Charge of Light Completion, you must have the Tier III and Unstable Charge of Light offering in your inventory for us to complete this service

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