The Last Word – Exotic Weapon


The Last Word

Exotic Weapon Questline

The Last Word is ‘Western Style‘ Exotic Hand Cannon
returning from all its glory in Destiny 1.

This is obtained by completing the quest “The Draw‘.
This questline is offered by ‘The Drifter‘, the gambit vendor located in the Tower.
The Last Word deals KINETIC damage and can be equipped in the kinetic weapon slot.

The ‘Draw’ Questline’s steps are as follows:

1. The Cleansing – Defeat 125 Hive enemies with Solar damage, Defeat 3 Hive bosses, Collect 75 Hive tablets
2. The Temptation – Defeat 135 Guardians. Being defeated will impede progress.
3. The Damnation – Stop a Hive ritual on Titan.
4. Sullied Light – Collect 15 Etched Crystals from Lost Sector wanted escapees. Earn 25 “Best served cold” and “Blood for
blood” medals in the crucible. Defeat Hive with precision kills to collect 50 Larvae and sacrifice 3 Hive bosses summoned
in witches’ rituals.
5. The Conversation – Defeat Enkaar in the special mission.

After this questline has been completed, Tex Mechanica’s Last Word is yours.

DestinyCarryPros offers each individual step or the entire questline.
This exotic is a must-have for any competitive arsenal.
If you need assistance earning this weapon,
the DCP team is qualified and prepared to help!

• Must be at least 600 Power Level.
• Must have the Annual Pass.


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