The Menagerie


The Menagerie

Activity Completion

The Menagerie is a new 6 player activity found in the Leviathan Dungeons with plenty of secrets and challenges. To unlock the Menagerie, you will need to complete the introductory Invitation questline.

This quest begins by talking to Werner-99 in the Tower. During the early steps of this Questline, you will earn the Chalice of Opulence and you must eventually upgrade it. The Chalice is shared between all characters. One of the final steps of the Quest is to complete the Menagerie. After the Normal Menagerie completion and a trip to the Nessus Barge and the Tower, you will now have access to the Crown of SorrowRaid Activity.

The Menagerie is on a rotation with different bosses each week with new Final Bosses added over time.

Menagerie Activity Completion Destiny 2 Calus Leviathan Dungeons Chalice of Opulence Season 7 Boss Rotation & Encounters

Chalice of Opulence

Just after starting ‘The Invitation’, the introductory Season of Opulence questline, you will receive the Chalice of Opulence. You will need to slot runes into the chalice to receive different rewards such as Weapons & Armor.

You will be rewarded runes by completing different activities and bounties. Once you slot the runes into your Chalice, you will need to complete The Menagerie to receive your rewards.


Menagerie Activity Completion Destiny 2 Calus Leviathan Dungeons Chalice of Opulence Season 7


How does this work? How to Earn Runes?

– By completing weekly bounties
– Use the consumable from Werner 44-90 that rewards a
rune after a Strike, Crucible or Gambit completion
– Opening the weekly chests available on the new Nessus Barge

What do I do once I have my Runes?

Step 1. Slot the runes of your choice into your Chalice of Opulence
Step 2. Complete The Menagerie to earn your rewards

There are 256 Possible Rune Combinations, so it takes some tinkering and research to find out what you like best. Depending on what runes you slot, you will receive different gear with varying properties.

Upgrading the Chalice of Opulence

You can upgrade the Chalice to give even more powerful rewards! But first, you need to earn Imperials. This is a new currency added with Season of Opulence.

How do I earn Imperials?

– By completing weekly bounties
– By completing certain Triumphs
– Using special consumables
– Some Chalice upgrades allow you to earn Imperials in activities

Choose which upgrades you want to unlock first!

– Upgrade to earn more runes or variety
– Unlock more rune slots to allow more control of an item’s specialization
– Upgrade to earn more powerful rewards from the Menagerie

Heroic Mode

Completing your first Heroic Menagerie grants you the ‘Imperial Menagerie‘ Emblem.


Menagerie Activity Completion Destiny 2 Calus Leviathan Dungeons Imperial Menagerie Emblem


Your first slotted armor/weapon each weekly reset will be guaranteed to be Masterworked. Each character has one chance per weekly reset to earn the Legendary Ship ‘The Emporer’s Chosen’.


Menagerie Activity Completion Destiny 2 Calus Leviathan Dungeons Emperor's Chosen Legendary Ship


If you have the Exotic Sniper Rifle Izanagi’s Burden and a masterworked Chalice of Opulence you will receive the Catalyst for Izanagi’s Burden when completing a Heroic Menagerie.

Upon your first completion of a Heroic Menagerie, you are guaranteed 1 of the 3 new Legendary Swords.
The new swords are ‘Death’s Razor‘, ‘Goldtusk‘, and ‘Throne-Cleaver‘.


Menagerie Activity Completion Destiny 2 Calus Leviathan Dungeons 3 Legendary Swords Goldtusk Throne Cleaver Death's Razor


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