Rat King


Rat King
Exotic Hand Cannon

We are small, but we are legion.

The Rat King sidearm is one of the first exotic questline weapons available in Destiny 2. A fireteam of players all wielding Rat Kings may have colossal endgame potential due to its bonus damage perks. It drops at a power level above your character’s current power level. Rat King deals KINETIC damage, uses PRIMARY ammo, and can be equipped in the Kinetic Weapon Slot.

Weapon Traits

Weapon Questline

We will complete ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ Questline on the planet Titan to allow us access to the Rat King’s Crew Riddle Quest. From there, we will complete the 4 riddles which will include:

• 2 Patrol Missions
• 2 Public Events
• 2 Crucible Matches
• 1 Nightfall completed with 5 minutes remaining upon completion.


Once the Quest is complete, you’ll have all of the rewards from the prerequisites along with the Rat King Exotic Sidearm.

If you need some help achieving a higher Power Level, we recommend checking out our Power Leveling service.


• Must have the entire base campaign mode completed.
• Must have patrols unlocked (EDZ Quest).

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