The Relics of the Golden Age QuestlineSturm and Drang in Destiny 2 are a unique pair of weapons you can unlock as part of this Quest Line. The Drang is a Legendary sidearm that kicks off a quest to unlock the Sturm, an Exotic Hand Cannon.

In addition to looking aesthetically similar, they share complementing perks. The Sturm reloads your energy weapon upon a kill, while the Drang will reload the Sturm when you get a kill, in theory, meaning you can swap between the two and never have to reload at all.

DCP will complete the Relics of the Golden Age quest line on the planet Nessus for the exotic hand cannon: The Sturm. You will also receive the legendary sidearm Drang. This quest will involve the following objectives completed along with their respective rewards:

  • Complete The Relics of the Golden Age Quest
  • Decrypt 5 Legendary Engrams
  • Decrypt 1 Exotic Engram
  • Kill a number of high priority fallen targets
  • Complete a heroic strike to obtain the Exotic Hand Cannon

Once the Quest is complete, you’ll have all of the rewards from the prerequisites along with The Drang sidearm and The Sturm exotic hand cannon. All of the decrypted engrams will be left on the character.

*Please note: For this service to be completed you must have finished the campaign and reached level 20. If you need some help leveling, we recommend our Campaign Completion Service.

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Hunter, Titan, Warlock

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