Volundr Forge


With the release of the Black Armory came Forge Completion activities. Ada-1 will give you a questline that must be completed to unlock this forge. Once the entire questline and specific forge quest is completed you’re rewarded an exclusive Black Armory weapon.


Quest Steps:

1. Basic Machine Gun Frame
An uncalibrated weapon frame obtained from Ada-1. It’s missing a charged Weapon Core. – Recover a Weapon Core from a stolen Black Armory crate in the Outskirts or the Gulch of the EDZ. – Obtain Compound Ether from the Fallen to charge the Weapon Core.

2. Machine Gun Alpha Frame
An uncalibrated Machine Gun frame obtained from Ada-1. Get multikills and defeat large numbers of Hive with Power weapons to start the calibration.

3. Machine Gun Beta Frame
A Machine Gun frame with uncalibrated sights obtained from Ada-1. Defeat powerful enemies with Power weapons to finish the calibration.

4/5. Machine Gun Calibrated Frame
Collect Radiant Seeds by defeating powerful enemies.
Return to Ada-1 with the Radiant Matrix so she can prepare the frame for the final step, forging.

6. Radiant Machine Gun Frame
Craft the Black Armory Machine Gun by completing a Volundr Forge ignition in EDZ.



  • Must have the Forsaken DLC and Annual Pass
  • Must be 600+ Power Level


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