Whisper of the Worm


Whisper of the Worm
Exotic Sniper Rifle Questline & Catalyst Completion

A Guardian’s power makes a rich feeding ground. Do not be revolted. There are parasites that may benefit the host… teeth sharper than your own.

This hard-hitting sniper rifle is the Destiny 2 tribute to the Destiny 1 ‘Black Hammer‘ & ‘Black Spindle‘.  It was easily one of the highest DPS yielding weapons against Boss Encounters, and with the launch of D2, not much has changed.

It’s unique perk, White Nail, allows a higher base precision damage and rapidly landing three precision hits will partially refill the magazine.



Spread throughout the Heroic mission will be secret chests granting you Blighted Essence’ progressing towards your Catalyst Masterwork. There are a total of 5 secret chests. If you open them all within one Heroic run, a puzzle encounter will spawn – the Oracles. Completing Oracles will grant you extra Blighted Essence on top of what you earned from the 5 chests. It also awards you the ‘Enigmatic Blueprint‘. This is a quest for the WotW themed Exotic Ship.

This ‘Enigmatic Blueprint‘ requires you to complete a Heroic ‘Whisper‘ mission on each elemental singe. The ‘Whisper‘ mission on Heroic has a rotating elemental singe modifier. This means each week it rotates between one of three modifiers – ARC, SOLAR, or VOID. This is time-gated so the minimum time for completion is 3 weeks (3 rotations). Completing the Enigmatic Blueprint will grant you the Exotic ship ‘A Thousand Wings’.

The maximum percentage of progress towards the catalyst one can earn per week is 36%. You must equip the Catalyst before beginning the progression or your efforts will be in vain. To summarize, to hit the 36% max progress per week, you need all 5 chests opened from the Heroic run, the Oracles Chest and finish the Heroic run out to completion. If you do this for 3 weeks, Voila!, you now have the Masterworked Whisper of the Worm.

The Masterworked Whisper of the Worm has a powerful upgrade called ‘Box Breathing‘. This upgrade is well worth the effort to acquire. It only gets even more deadly after all is said and done. The precision damage boost is approximately 60%.



Service Options

Normal Completion

To begin the Whisper of the Worm Questline, you must head to the Lost Oasis area on the ‘Io‘ planet and wait for the Taken Blight Public Event. After you kill the VIP Boss, you and your fireteam will be teleported into a new area with a new objective – complete the ‘Whisper‘ mission. If completed successfully within 20 minutes the fireteam will be granted the Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle.

Heroic Completion

After acquiring the WotW, you will now be able to launch the ‘Whisper’ mission from ‘Io‘ destination in orbit on Heroic difficulty. Your first completion of Heroic grants you the Exotic Catalyst.

Whisper of the Worm Catalyst – Aiming this weapon without firing for a brief moment grants bonus range and precision damage while it remains zoomed.

Oracles Completion

Completing your first Oracles encounter will grant you the ‘Enigmatic Blueprint‘ which is a quest for the Exotic Ship. Each Oracle completion after that just grants further progression towards your WotW Catalyst.

Full Catalyst Completion

We offer the option to complete your entire Whisper of the Worm Catalyst. We will obtain 33% catalyst progression per week until it is completed. Note that this may take up to 3 weeks to finish.


Our DCP Sherpas will complete any individual, combination, or all of the options above to earn you the Whisper of the Worm Exotic, Catalyst, Masterwork, and/or the Exotic Ship. We are qualified and eager to assist! 

• Must be at least 360 Power Level.
• Must have completed the Warmind DLC.


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